Can you guess who????

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  1. So when I first joined the server, I made everyone think that I was new to Empire Minecraft and to Minecraft as a whole. That was a lie :). In truth, this profile started out as an experiment to see if people would react to me different if they did not know who I am. Since then, this has become my main profile. I have my reasons for this, but I have made many great friends and I just wanted to see if anyone could figure out who's alt I am. Now, I have two hints to help should anyone want to figure this out:
    1. My original profile has been on EMC for 568 days.
    2. I was hired by JustinGuy back when there were only 30 regulars on the server to make him a new skin. (Still working on it xD, he wanted a unique Soul Sand monster skin)

    Reward for figuring it out can be 8 diamond blocks I guess xD

    Note: Mods and admins, I know you could easily figure this out with IP addresses, so please don't :)
  2. Zanderboy?
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  3. How the heck :O

    Edit: I never told no one dat xD, how you find out?!?!?!?!
  4. Zander=Xanthos
    Sound Alike
    And I have been here for about... EVER so yea...
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  5. -_-, you are to good fluff, should have made that harder xD And I never thought that they sounded alike xD
    So where do I drop off the diamonds :p
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  6. Haha, just SMP1 921 :p
  7. Fluff has skillllllz
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