{Can you get banned by the following?}

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  1. I'm not sure if you can get banned by this but the server automatically kicks you when you do the build flag fake block flying glitch. I think the server thinks you are cheating and I wanted to know If the moderators could tell if you were block glitching or cheating.
    Thanks! :)
  2. This kick message isn't even recorded into any logs anywhere as far as I'm aware, getting kicked by it will have no implications, It doesn't even tell people ingame you've been kicked.
  3. I don't believe those are logged. If so, I'm probably screwed. I've gotten that error atleast a hundred times. :p
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  4. they are semi logged, but no you won't get banned for it. We ensure in person a person is flying before banning.
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  5. Well, the reason why the game thinks you're flying is because the blocks you place aren't actually there. So, when you stand on them, the game doesn't find the blocks you're on anywhere, and assumes that you're flying. All kick/ban reasons are recorded in the logs, but people block glitch all the time, and the moderators possibly know what is going on.
  6. Ok thanks!
  7. I didn't even know the server kicks for it lol, I've done it many times at like 10 block tall heights and didn't get kicked.. I've asked staff though and they have said that using block lag to go places is legal :)
  8. if you are kicked for flying its because we physically watched you fly