Can XBOX version hint at new UI for future MC update?

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  1. For those that don't know or have not played it, there is a live arcade version of MC on XBOX. It is very simple and basic but it has a few features that are unique to it.

    1- A tutorial. Like most console games it makes it easier and more accessible to most people, how many of us could not figure out how to get wood on our first run only to Google it? With the tutorial all the basics are covered from mining, duh, to fishing.
    2- No hunger? I looked around and it does seem that there is no hunger in the game. It may be just because it is a ground-up write of the code and it might be incorporated later, I do believe hunger is here to stay. You may be given the option to turn it on or off according to difficulty later on.
    3- A crafting window. It is separate from the inventory. It also has the recipes set there for you including how many of an item you need. If you don't have enough it shows a pause || symbol indicating it missing. You no longer need to experiment to find out the recipes. Take it as you may but most of us don't really care how you find out recipes. We got them by asking, rarely did anyone figure out all the recipes by themselves. It might take away from the experience but it is going to be a completely different experience for anyone that begins the game after an update.
    4- Sleep. You can only sleep at night, and it forwards the game to the morning. This most likely will become a feature of the PC game later.
    5-Hitting a sheep with just about anything made it drop wool. Why cant I do that in PC? I would love to grab some wild wool. Oh and the sheep lived, no shears.

    There are some things that the XBOX version do not allow so far. Setting up servers, or connecting to a server. Uploading textures. Changing skins. NO CREATIVE MODE!? What's up Mojang?

    What do you guys think? Any of those features might make it to PC or are just a XBOX thing?
    What do you think about the XBOX version?
  2. All the above features have been in the PC version minus the crafting window and tutorial... But times have changed and we now have hunger ect.
    The xbox version is a complete re-write of the code, and it sounds to me like it is beginning just like minecraft began for the pc.

    I think the xbox will soon catch up to the pc version and the main aim would be for them to make it cross platform so that you can play on pc servers on the xbox, and vice versa.

    I do miss being able to hit sheep and get wool.
    And as for the sleeping only at night, thts how it's always been. Just on a server, everyone on the server must sleep at the same time for it to forward to morning ;)
  3. 1 and 3 are the only add ons. the other points were actually older things of the game that got removed/upgraded. The xbox version is kind of like the 1.6 BETA of the PC version, I believe is what is being said now. Which is just before just about all of the trademark things of the PC game now came about with the Adventure Update.
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  4. There are most likely a good amount of bugs on the Xbox version as it's just been released. You can do all the testing you want but once it hits the market, your bound to have more bugs. Its the way games work.
  5. This minecraft version is like the version of Béta 1.6.6. As qwertyip said, things changed since that version
  6. Im pretty sure its 1.8.1, I looked on the wiki, and the Xbox-360 notably has villages with no villagers.
  7. Oh oke, I just heard it. You looked it up, so that should be right.
  8. no.. because that was the adventure update. There is no hunger, shears, ravines, caverns (cave systems and dungeons yeah.. but none of the other good stuff) and clay... thats what aggravates me.. no clay. I just played it, and i thought the old 1.6 exploit of running water over gravel would work.. but nope it didnt.
  9. So is it 1.8 or even earlier than 1.6?
  10. no its 1.6, with SOME of the 1.8 fixes... like the gravel.. but for the most part, its 1.6.. like the villages with no villagers.. there are some things from the closer updates.. but mostly its 1.6.6.. because that was the one they started with.
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