Can we use this mod???

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  1. Hey emc and emc staff first time asking about a mod :p

    I wanted to know if we can use spawn chunk mod, it finds a loaded chunk for you, for example I need this for a 48 celled iron farm in one... And to keep this chunked loaded when no one is on/ server is restarting I made a redstone gen :)
  2. About the iron farm, Chickeneer once had a 50 something cell iron farm and it broke due to entity issues. His current one is 38 and that is maximum size. About the mod, i wouldn't think it is legal because if I am not mistaken it could cause lag and other issues
  3. Plus, it would give you an unfair advantage over players without this mod.
  4. That's were he gets his iron from...
  5. Well there's nothing stopping you using it is there? :) There is non-mod ways of finding it also.
  6. Haha I laugh xD all my farm takes is 21 villages FOR 48 CELLED FARM!!! And this farm gives 4700 iron an hour kore then the franch, and funny thing is that it's less then 90x90 for 48!!!
  7. Won't I get banned? So that's why I made this thread
  8. Besides the fact you should only be using mod's that are pre approved buy EMC?

    And I don't think there are spawn chunk's on EMC? If there is one my guess is that its in town or the center wild spawn.
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  9. Over 100 on server/world
  10. What spawn chunks? Where did you hear this?

    As far as I know most servers have control of spawn chuck's IE: they can turn them off to save resources, and usually the spawn chunks are spawn for town or wild. That's way its called spawn, because spawn is the spawn chunk.
  11. First of all, mind providing a link to where the mod can be downloaded? Now the thing I want to know is how a client mod can affect server behaviour. The only way I can think of a client mod effecting what chunks the server loads would be where it has a player double which teleports and remains in the location... Bottom line is until staff approve the mod (if they do) you cannot install nor use it on EMC ;)
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