Can someone tell me how to enter a server........

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  1. First you get the IP for which server you wanna join, then you open up your minecraft. Once minecraft is loaded up you go to Multiplayer, then click on Add a server, paste the IP and click twice on the thing there will be showen. And then puff you've joined a server :p

    [EDIT] hope you understood
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  2. Thanks :) Now...
    How i get the IP?


    Do you now the IP of the SMP1 server?
  3. Ip:
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    You can change 1 up to 9 (we have 9 normal servers)
    And change smp1 to utopia if you wanna visit the supporter server ;P
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  5. thought it was
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  6. jejeje i don't now how i didn't see it well
    Thanks to all of you.
    and you can visit my residence if you want
  7. 1) Open Minecraft
    2) Click multiplayer
    3) Enter server IP (
    4) ????
    5) PROFIT
  8. jejeje i'm messing here again :p
    When i press the "join" button it appears a message saying "Failed to login: Bad login" ...
    Now what can i do? :confused:
  9. Restart minecraft?
    Force update?
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  10. You can do both....
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  12. Ok sorry... :oops: