Can someone take me to the end?

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  1. I am looking for someone who can take me to an endermen grinder in the end as the one of smp3 but on other server. I know there are many but please can someone take me? I want to go to the grinder

    The end cant be on smp2, smp3 or smp5

  2. just buy a huge amount of ender eyes and go for an adventure
  3. First I need to know in what server is the grinder
  4. try and make your own grinder it will be a good project for you to do.
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  5. Im too lazy
  6. Is there an end in emc ???

    And if there it will be too small to contain the large amount of player

    It is not a world like the nether. It is just a small place
  7. Doesnt work due to a coding issue.
  8. What isnt working?
  9. There are multiple ends on emc. I believe there is one for each server.
  10. Yes, 1 per server.
  11. Also 1 for each server is small
  12. The end space. Is very small comparing to the nether

    And we see the nether is all mined, how about the end
  13. The End isn't exactly bustling with players at any given moment. Besides, given the space plus tunnels that can be mined out underground there would easily be enough room for 60 players.
  14. Eyes of ender
  15. exactly
  16. The end at EMC is not all destroyed, some mining, but not that mush :p
  17. Different End islands can generate.... Plus, the islands are fairly big. They can fit 60 players on at a time.
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