Can someone please dig out my hole res?

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  1. Hey everyone !

    I am moving my storage to another res of mine so I need someone to dig 60x60x7. I am willing to pay 9k AFTER it is all dug out and done right. I need this done ASAP ! Shovels will be included. its on SMP1 at 2551. If someone can get it done in like a week or less ill pay 12k. :) Thank you ! EDIT: I ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE DOING THIS JOB. SORRY :(
  2. What kind of shovels?
  3. Diamond
  4. i think i heard biscuit say that a res was 60*60*65, so that would be 150 diamond shovels.....:eek:
  5. I could Do it I would need you to supply diamond shovels and I can get it done in a week