Can someone Help me?!

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  1. I cant logon for some reason it just says Disconnected by server. And gives me a code?
    I'm registered too!
  2. What is the code ? It happened to me sometime ago it had something like visit / oley etc
    To see more about the error ?
  3. Nope, It just says start for free at EmpireMinecraft using this code: (Code)
  4. That's the normal beginning process, it sounds like. Is this your first time logging in?
  5. Onto the server or onto this site?
    Because I have logged onto the site loads.
  6. Onto the server. I would suggest you look at the "Staff Online Now" bit on the right hand side of the main page and start a conversation with one of them. Probably the fastest way to get yourself sorted out :D
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  7. I started in 6 November 2011...
    I can remember trying to get on the server then but it never worked...
  8. Thanks, I'm currently talking to a certain member of staff.
    Cheers for the advice margaritte.
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