can some1 help me ? i cant get tutorial

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  1. its annoying me ssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo much
  2. i cant find how 2 get it
  3. I still don't know what you are asking. Are you stuck in the tutorial and don't know the right answers? Are you having trouble connecting to a server?
  4. how do you connect 2 server trough web sight or
    minecraft? thank u 4 helping
  5. You connect through Minecraft.
    Use this link ---> <---- to help you get through the tutorial. Getting the right answers through the tutorial get you items to help start you off. Once done with the tutorial type /town, I recommend reading the signs on the wall as they do help you.
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  6. it's hard for me to find some of the answers
  7. I cant find the answers to the tutorial its seriously bugging me its taken me 45 mins just to get to the 3rd question
  8. Okay just a hind. "Which Command takes a player to a vacant lot"

    Checking Guide Section... Oh there is a section Commands. I wonder if this helps. Lets see what subtopics it has. 7 Subtopics. I would say General, Town, Residence could be fittig subtopics. Lets check this out. We are looking for a vacant lot. What could it be called free,unoccupied ... Oh OPEN makes sense doent it?

    Also if you really can't figure it out, check the answers... They might give you a clue.

    The 5th question is tricky, I advise you this page.

    Also make sure you understand what this means:
  9. It's very simple... The empire guide slaps you the answers right in the face! All you have to do is READ. Unless you have not learnt to read I suggest you go back to kindergarten because the tutorial isn't that hard. Seriously how hard is it to read a few lines that says: Don't do this, that, you do this and that. SIMPLE! Even a creeper can do this with his eyes closed.
    I used the guide when I first started
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