Can only access EMC on my phone?

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  1. So I attempt to come onto EMC today and I just get web page had been interrupted on chrome I've triedc many things - flushing DNS - using opendns + google. I don't think it's a problem with my ISP as people in Australia are also experiencing problems. Anyone have any suggestions 3G is not fast enough for EMC. I think it's something at EMC's end

    P.S - written with my iPhone so sorry about bad writing
  2. this happened to me once could not get onto EMC at all looked at some youtube videos and works now ;)
  3. I had this problem about a week ago, but it went away after a day. It was really weird. I could still connect to all of the servers and the Live-maps; but not the main website
  4. Hmm... it's working perfectly for me... :confused:

    EMC bugs strike again!
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  5. Still cannot access the site 99% sure it's at EMC's end NurseKillJoy was saying in IRC they have connection problems in Australia it's not a routing failure of 80% of websites would be unreachable and the Internet would in meltdown
  6. As I said on IRC, your connection issues are happening WAY before you get to us on the traceroute.

    There's really nothing we can do. There is obviously routing issues on the net that connects far away lands to the US, and obviously nurse is following those same pipes. Not every path goes the same way. Doesnt mean every us site would be down to you.

    But this is beyond our control.

    If you time out on the last hop, then its something we can look into, but I assure you we have not banned anyone.
  7. That is not the case I've just done a tracert to a site I can access fully which also had ddos protection and I get the same results as when I tracert EMC
  8. Still can't connect. Page loads heavily distorted or not at all - really annoying I can't get my EMC forum fix XD
  9. Never had a problem like this :p I can't help you. I would have suggested flushing your DNS, but it seems you've already done that. I would wait it out. Aikar said it was something to do with us sites.
  10. Anyone notice that the EMC website has long ping time
  11. Unrelated. And you bumped a thread by going off topic.