Can mobs spawn on an upside down Stair?

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  1. So I was wondering.. a Stair or bottom slab is not a valid spawn block for mobs. Although a top slab is. So is an upside down stair also a a valid spawn block for mobs?

    Like a top slab, it produces a full flat surface along the top surface of that block. But I have never tested this. And it would be useful to know.

    Anyone know for sure?

    Please don't post a guess... give a reason.
  2. Hmm... maybe i will build a upside down stair platform way above the ocean and find out. :)
  3. yes
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  4. Thanks. case closed. lol

    Wait, yes to what? they can spawn on upside down stairs?
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  5. The upside-down stair is not transparent, i.e. glass, leaves, etc.
    The upside-down stair is a flat surface with y=0 mod 1, i.e. not slabs, chests, normal stairs, etc.
    Therefore, upside-down stairs are spawnable.
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  7. Alrighty then. thanks