Can Iron Golems..?

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  1. I was reading somethings earlier and there was some sort of debate of whether or not could they spawn "naturally" in the town or residences if the requirements are met.
  2. Golems of either sort can't be in town I don't believe, only the wild.
  3. Iron Golems And Snow golems are coded as "Monsters", not animals. Monsters are disabled in town, meaning neither can spawn sadly :(
  4. im sure if justin wanted them we would have them :p
  5. They used to spawn when I believe the number of Villagers was 10 in the vicinity, but they couldn't be made.I think they are now coded though so they can only spawn in town.
  6. See, Some people say they can and other say they can't :/
  7. If I remember correctly.. you needed around 15 Villagers and 21 "Houses" (21 doors with roof)
  8. I tried searching through the threads and it was the same "Yes they can" "no they can't" But I found this:
    • Upgraded to latest stable CraftBukkit
    • Added initial code for some surprise updates ;)
    • Senior staff can now /res default for a player.
    • Added the ability to create teleporter pressure plates (see Empire Guide)
    • Fixed staff goto command dropping out of the sky if no Y was specified
    • Fixed losing blocks when trying to spawn a iron or snow golem in Town
    • Fixed iron golems spawning in Town (they were not supposed to)
  9. Thanks for the help :)

    /req close