Can I update to 1.3.2?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Mikeguy2225, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I just went into my Minecraft launcher and I was asked to update. It was for 1.3.2. Is this just a glitch fix, or something that I will not be able to play on EMC because of?
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  3. Thanks I didn't see that thread, I thought it was a bug fix, but I just wasn't sure.
  4. I'd still like confirmation from EMC before I update.
  5. ya i agree
  6. Yes u can I updated and it my Minecraft and went on EMC though if u have a texture pack that includes mc patcher u have to patch ur texture pack
  7. I have updated to 1.3.2 - It's perfectly safe because it is just a bug fix.
  8. fixing bugs i didnt even know about
  9. Will it stuff up mods like Rei's mini-map, etc? Will I have to reinstall those?
  10. You will indeed need to reinstall them.
  11. I have updated... It's fine!
  12. In your case Aikar will have to reinstall them :p
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