can i still install mods in singleplayer

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by 32japan1, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. can i still install mods like: modloader, toomanyitems, recipebook, singleplayercommands in singleplayer or are they automatically running, when i run minecraft to play on this server?
    if i still can install mods, how do i have to do it......just as always, drop the .class files into the minecraft.jar or somehow else?
  2. Toomanyitems only works if you are a server op, so it would be safe for you to install.
  3. Unless the mod says specifically in the post that it is not compatible or breaks smp, you should be good, but i wouldn't install any hacking tools that work in smp, although most of them are disabled i think.
  4. Check out my thread here. Any mods you would like to be further investigated for permission/compatibility can be posted there. I monitor it for any request. I have multiple copies of 1.8.1 minecraft.jar files to test out mods. I do the work myself, and the community as a whole decides whether or not they should be accepted with final word coming from Justin and Jeremy. :)
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