Can I get unbanned? I was banned for...

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by jcpruett1298, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. I was banned for testing the report system and I did not mean to get banned by it. I just wanted to see if it worked and I was wondering if I could get unbanned just this once. It will not happen again from me. Thanks for taking time to read my message and I can understand if you can't unban me.
  2. Wrong way to appeal. Please PM the moderator that banned you, and by posting this, it has lost chance of being unbanned.

    Please dont reply guys, because it just makes it worse and we dont need this thread active. I have reported it to be LOCKED.

    EDIT: Your banned for 3 more hours. Deal with that punishment and wait it out. Play single player?
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  3. Im sorry, I just dont know the rules of the forum that well I just joined a week ago and I got banned for exploring the server.
  4. You were banned for abusing the report system. The mod's would never ban inappropriately (I know I posted it had to be said)
  5. Im not saying that they reported inappropriately. Im just saying its a one time thing and that empirecraft is my favorite server. (the only one I play on no joke im not being a kiss up)
  6. No mean to be harsh my logic might be donuts but didn't you read all the rules. I know before I signed up i read the WHOLE empire guide then like studied it for days then When I finally thought I could ace the tutorial I did.
  7. oh but yeah I see that you wanted to see if it would work but how many times did you even have to report to see that it would work? I feel like you reported something many times
  8. You are only Temp. banned. Do try and stay out of trouble - your ban ends in about 3 hours
Thread Status:
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