Can I Get Help Getting Unstuck From Top Of The Nether?

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  1. Hi - I have a tunnel near the ceiling of Utopia's Nether, and I logged out in it. When I logged back in, I was spawned on top of the ceiling! I know you guys know it's a problem, but could I get help getting back into my tunnel? There's kind of nothing I can do in Utopia until then. Thanks!
  2. lol that sucks happens to me too
  3. Yeah? Have you messaged a mod or something or what?
  4. Head over to the protected spawn of the nether, use the live map if needed. Once you're there, type /town to safely get out of there. It worked for me.
  5. I think if you place a block on the ceiling you get teleported back to spawn?
    I can't remember exactly, but it happened to me a while ago and I think that's how I got back.
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  6. Oh man, that would work, huh. But dang, that would be a huge annoyance.
  7. @will_iamd, really? Never heard that, but I guess I can give it a try. Thanks!

    Edit: Eureka! It worked! Thank you so much. Still an annoyance, but I guess this way I don't need to inconvenience anybody else. I'll definitely not be logging out on purpose in that tunnel.
  8. I'm sure something happened when I placed a block, at least :)
  9. Wow, didn't know that works.
  10. I'm now starting to doubt myself :L
    But I can definitely remember something happening...

    We'll have to wait and see if it works for him...
  11. It works alright, tested it using /res unstuck while in protected spawn.
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  12. In case you don't know the exact reason this happened, it tends to occur when a player logs out in a space that is later filled by blocks. Minecraft will teleport you to the first open space above you. In the nether, this often tends to be above bedrock. Keep in mind that if none of the above suggestions work, (although will_iamd's worked, I'll have to try that now) you can always message a staff member and they can help you out.
  13. I've had the same thing happen twice, when I was placing/jumping to tower straight up. There was some kind of glitch, and I was hopping up and down on an invisible rock; I had to disconnect. When I reconnected, I was on top of the bedrock above Nether.

    I walked back to the spawn and was able to /home.

    It was kinda annoying though; walking 5000+ blocks across nothing. I barely had enough food, so I couldn't sprint. There were no staff around (on any of the servers).
  14. This happens when you logoff while in a 2hide place. Before to logoff if you have enough space above your head (atleast 1). This is a annoying glitch that happends sometimes when you logoff without no space above your head,
  15. I'm pretty sure (but not positive) that if you try and place a block up there you'll be teleported back to spawn.
  16. Yeah, just to confirm again for everyone, placing a rock above bedrock definitely does teleport you to spawn, which was quite helpful. I know that it should smartly teleport you to a safe place if where you are is filled in, but didn't know you had to have one block of space above you. The more you know!
  17. ya know, living on top of the nether would be the ultimate grief protection area, as long as you plant some trees and make a huge dome of glass or something. Oh and don't forget to harvest some ice with silk touch and make a cobblestone generator. Other than that, there's rarely any way to get on top of the bedrock layer, so griefing problem solved :D
  18. The only problem is that you can't place blocks up there without being teleported to spawn. :p
  19. hmm plugin im guessing?
  20. Yep :)