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  1. Well i only found out how to make fireworks, but i realise you can't have them going 24/7 because people dont want it, is it a lag issue or just for peoples annoyance, because i wanna make a building to set fireworks off inside of it, can i do this?
  2. As long as the roof is high enough, I think you can. I'm 70% sure though. :)
  3. The Roof does not even have to be high enough. Believe me the staff (mainly me) did a lot of firework shennaigans. and i can tell you that if something is in their way.. they will just shoot at and explode inside... like a real firework kinda would. You can also set them off 'inside' blocks and they only go like... one block high.. A good way for a close up lightshow.
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  4. Are you sure? Hmm, I remember using a Duration 3 inside a 4 high room and it didn't work :/
  5. I think Robot's asking if he can have a display going 24/7, if he has it indoors, where people can't see it?
  6. did it have a firework star or whatever is called? because I played with these things for hours doing about everything i could think of you guys would try. And this was one of them. and had no problems
  7. yes, thats my question. :)
  8. I don't think anyone minds seeing them :D But Aikar probably banned 24/7 firework shows due to loud sounds/server lag. Yes, even though he did say it caused little lag, it probably will do something bad to the server :)
    Strange - nah it was a normal one I'm pretty sure but I was probably doing something wrong.
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  9. The physical effects of fireworks effect clients more than servers. Similar to how one person with an overpopulated chicken coop does not mess up the server, but anyone on that res could cause issues.

    And nothing of what I tested is absolute. Some things change going from the test server to the live servers. While there are things we mainly focus on, as long as the work... we are happy usually :p.
  10. so final question, can i have fireworks going off inside my store if they arent outside?
  11. But i love loud sounds.
  12. I think he should be able to but people around his res would kinda be mad at him because:

    On an average pc fireworks will kill fps so if you have them at a store shooting up you will drive away like 50% of your costumers.

    Also It still makes the same noise if you have it inside and it still causes the same amount of lag you just can't see the animation if your not in the room.

    Also why was the command /lag taken away from normal people? I use it to find out if its the server lagging or if its me and I think it's useful for calculating redstone.
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  13. I think launching them inside is the same as doing it outside.
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  14. Start your fireworks with a pressure plate at your tp spot then make it so it stops after 5 minutes with a block despawn timer. You'll have them going when people are there and won't be violating the 24/7 rule.
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  15. You my sir are a genius.
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  16. Also, if you right-click with the firework on the bottom of a 1-block-thick roof, the firework will go right through.