Can anything be turned into a song?

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  1. It would seem so. Ever get the feeling that the record labels are running out of ideas?
  2. According to Gangnam Style,

    Everybody can make a song....


    And what is this for *@&^#$
  3. There was a vscauce video about this...
    It is very interesting I will post it later
  4. oh no.. it has started... I spent 3 years in the military where it was nearly a practice to find the weirdest music videos on youtube. Prepare yourselves.. this post may update many times.

  5. If you never watched the video below, your life was ruined until you watch this!!

    And according to Songify you can! :D
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  6. Next Gangnam Style?
  7. I know this thread may be a little more random in nature, but please do not ruin it by using it as a chance to place videos for personal gain, it is not a music video. And you already have a thread advertising the video.
  8. Also he advertised on MrLegitIsLegit's GTA 4 Help thread.
  9. Pretty much anything can be turned into a (usually not so great) tune. Just think of the ads from a car dealership, grocery, dry cleaner, and other local ads you've seen: "Hey! Come to our store! It's a really great store. Yeah!" I actually find these kind of common place.

    I think some of the ones linked above are appealing because they seem so strange and catchy simutaneously. Here are a few of my favorites:

    I won't link it, since it gets a little R rated at the end, but if you've ever seen the movie, "Silence of the Lambs", you should check out the video for "Lotion" by the Greenskeepers. You'll be humming it to yourself for the rest of the day.

    Almost forgot Epic Sax. Watching the people in the background while watching this will hypnotize you:
  10. Oh God yes! :)
    The amount of hours I have wasted on that song... :p
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  11. He didn't link 2 and 3!
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  12. That duck is such a troll in the next two it's unbelievable lol.
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  13. I see that song as a means to be racist. Making fun of Indian stall owners. Though it is a funny song.
  14. The guy that originally wrote and sang the song is the guy that sings it in the video - so personally, I don't really have a problem with it. :)

    EDIT: 2000TH POST!!! =D
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  15. Oh. In that case all is good.
  16. I'll just leave these here >.>

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  17. Even GIFs!

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  18. Here's something from the top of my head, "Theres a troll just walkin' down the street, walkin' down the street, walkin' down the street, theres a troll walkin' down the street, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah"