Can anything be done about the Grieflands on SMP6?

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  1. I am talking about the 500m radial buffer around Central, its getting dangerous to cross safely.. I just spent a good three hours farming Nether Brick and Glowstone and escaping in the first portal I ran across to swim 4 km across the ocean to fall into a derp tunnel from a mini pocket of lag within the first few meters upon entering the Grieflands.. Luckily I was able to return just fast enough to scoop up my haul before despawn. I also covered up the derp tunnel I fell into to prevent others from falling.. However these derp tunnels are multiplying every day in the grieflands not to mention the 30+ meter drop right central heading east.
  2. Justin set up periodic reset areas in the "wastes" around spawn. Hopefully he'll reset them soon :)
  3. if you like pop round my res later smp4 and ill give u a couple stacks ender pearls they are great in nether for teleporting
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  4. its very funny because ts exactly the same in wild sand biomes i have seen no sand at all then gone f3 and it says sand biomes
  5. Where is your res and how much will it burn a hole in my pocket..? :3
  6. the fee is that if you are mining you should have a spawner do you not i would just like access to that is that ok but i still have my mc at 1.8 cracked because i dont like 1.2 so ill have to update
  7. i can give you a little tutorial on hwo to use them too