Can anyone fill me in?

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  1. I've been trying my best to get my voting streak back up recently and i cant see any of these new rewards? Does anyone know what the tiers are?

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  2. From my experience the biggest is 55 so far with something like 35k and lots of items (I'm on 65) There's a couple of 7k bonuses after that. I'm not sure about pre-50 streaks
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  3. Every 5 or so is diamond/emerald
    Every 20 is a vault voucher
    Every 50 is a stable voucher
    You get 1 piece of the voters armour at a 20 streak, 40, 60 and 80. Starts with the boots at a 20 streak. Not sure about the others.
    You get your certificate at 100

    I think this is what you meant.. Hope this helps :)
  4. This is exactly what i was after, thanks heaps guys :)
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  5. I never knew that even existed :/
    EDIT: A question; My streak is at 19 and i dont recall getting any diamonds or emeralds
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  6. Has your streak ever been higher than 19?
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  7. I think the diamonds and emeralds can be a bit glitchy... if you do not get any by your 25th streak then something is wrong this that :eek:
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  8. How are the items given to you?
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  9. Mail system! :)
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  10. Kewl!
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  12. You will not get anything until you surpass your own personal longest streak.
    IE. if before the update you achieved a streak of 23. You will not get anything until you go over a streak of 23. Then you will be given all the rewards you would have leading up to that.And then you will continue receiving the rewards for every milestone after that as well.

    Just keep voting until you go over your previous longest streak.
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  13. Bugger. Gonna be like a month before I get anything :(
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  14. Worth the reward though! ;) more new players, rupees, and items!
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  15. Well you still get the bonus rupees right? :) Besides, the real payback comes later, your goal is 2 years :)
  16. 2 years is a long time but yeah, i really need 7 certificates
  17. The gems, certificates, etc aren't the big win. it's the gear, the ultimate rewards. And the rupees you get daily from say a 300 streak is insane. You won't ever have to sell anything again. (well maybe lol). VOTE
  18. Oh and also is there anywhere you can see your highest vote streak?
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  19. Not that I know of. Though that might not be a bad idea. I wonder if Aikar could include that in the login vote notification?