Can anyone confirm this about Fortune III ?

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  1. since the update it seems that you get quite a bit less coal when you break coal ore with a Fortune III pick... you used to get a ton when doing this and now you get about two stacks of coal per stack of coal ore.

    can anyone confirm this? this could be because you get XP from smelting, not sure.
  2. Well according to the Minecraftwiki... statistically with a Fortune 3 pick, you should get about 120% More. According to this - you should get on average about 140 Coal. I would guess that you just had a spout of bad luck.
  3. I literally have broken about 20 stacks of coal ore and I measured each stack and this was the result...
  4. I've found that it varies continually, like almost everything else in the game. :confused:

    I've been getting great results lately.
  5. Well, I can't find anything mentioning that it has changed. Here's the Math for it

    40% of getting 1 Coal
    20% of getting 2 Coal
    20% of getting 3 Coal
    20% of getting 4 Coal

    If you wanted to, you could multiply them all by 64, then add together; but you will get about 140.8. This is not a guarantee obviously because if you break 10 blocks, you could still get 10 Coal, however unlikely. (.01% Chance)
  6. I wonder if the percentage is completely random or it's dependent on server-wide results... like maybe because I'm doing it on smp9 it's a lower average because there are more players? i dunno, all i know is ever since the update i have seen a remarkably smaller amount of coal being produced but i'm not seeing the same small numbers with any other Ore.
  7. I haven't noticed any drop in my coal (or diamond, redstone and lapis for that matter) using fortune III since the upgrade.
  8. maybe i should have you come break my Coal for me =P
  9. Ha ha - I have enough problems with shoveling gravel (2 sec. lag), and having to reboot every time I come back from the wild in order to regain my xp points and chests that remain open for hours.
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