Can a diamond supporter Blow TNT up on my res if I give permission?

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  1. Can a diamond supporter Blow TNT up on my res if I give permission? I want to know this so I can do a project of mine.
  2. You can't because your residence needs the "TNT" flag turned into a positive sign and plus you don't have permission to turn this flag on or off.
  3. Quite correct, only a lot owner who is a diamond supporter can set the tnt perm to true. This prevents severe griefing with tnt by a diamond supporter on anothers lot if they only had build perms. Unfortunately it also prevents supporters from being able to help others by clearing out dirt.
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  4. If you have 60k you can ask your entire server to help you dig :p You can pay them 1k each for digging. XD
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  5. Nice idea :D
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  6. Or pay 20 dolar to become diamond supporter :D
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  7. yeah lol, its not that expensive
  8. Cheaper then spending $100US in a donation to receive the 60,000r to pay the server population to dig it out for you. :p
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  9. Ok thanks for the help
  10. We dug out a whole residence at SMP7 and we paid 150R per hour, at some point in the beginning we had about 30 people digging for us :) We did supply the diamond shovels tho. The whole residence was cleared from dirt in 2 days.
  11. I saw it it looked cool.