Can a admin help me get my register rupee reward?

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  1. I registered first on the web with the forum account in everything and then I registered ingame but the problem is I didn't get my rupees for logging in on the website, I made the verify to my minecraft email and pass but, also it wont let me get the 5000 rupees cause my forum pass isn't my original password meaning I can't get the rupee award, can a admin give me the 5000 rupees?
  2. No need to post twice, just PM krysyyjane9191, Aikar and Maxarias (one PM) and it will get sorted out if it's an issue.
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  3. You were awarded the rupees as you joined:

    - - - - - - -

    about 16 hours ago

    Reward for joining the website - Signed In

    You can check our your history here.
  4. oh i looked thanks did not know that
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  5. No problem, the wiki is always a good place to look if you want to learn about something. :)