Can´t go online !

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by DamianS633, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. So since the new update I can´t go online.
    It says Connection Lost
    Internal Exception: Connection reset

    Now i don't know what to do with it and i really want to play multiplayer again.

    Please help me!
  2. idk what to do :S
  3. you weren't supposed to update yet. you'll have to either find a way to downgrade, or wait until emc updates to 1.2
  4. you can find the .minecraft folder right click than replace to last
  5. The error:

    stands for an internet connection error, if it was because of his minecraft version, the error would be "Outdated server!"
    It's your internet conection, check if you have no firewalls over minecraft.exe, if you have no proxy troubles. Maybe restart your internet modem or/and wifi modem, then restart your pc, try all that then tell me what's going on ;)
  6. Copher, I updated to 1.2.3 and got that error, It's because of the Anvil file format in 1.2+
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  7. It's weird, i haven't seen such bug. Is that reported already?
    Anyways. i left a link of a tool that *might* help
  8. McNostalgia?
  9. well i cant get on because my M.C. updated by itself to 1.2.2
  10. Try doing this.

    1) Go to your ".minecraft" folder.
    2) Right click on "bin" folder.
    3) Click "Properties".
    4) Click "Previous versions".
    5) Click on the earliest "bin" folder. (Assuming you just upgraded and did nothing else)
    6) Click "Restore", and "Restore" again. It'll restore the older "bin" folder, and hopefully your previous minecraft 1.1 jar is restored too.
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  11. I hope it works! :)
  12. ok now i hope it works
  14. @mikecspike,
    Glad it worked well for you, perhaps I should post that as a thread?
  15. is there also an solution for mac OSX ? since i dont have an Minecraft folder and in the "minecraft Content" there is no bin folder

    greetings djego
  16. I'm not too entirely sure about mac OSX, but there's an alternative way to downgrade, using MCNostalgia.
  17. It would be a very helpful post im sure
  18. Thank you all I just downgraded it and i can go online now thank you all!