Camp Jupiter, Wasteland

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  1. Hello im Praeter FadedDude101, im one of the three praeters in Camp Jupiter. I lead the 2 Cohart. we need more peeps for our fellow coharts. Camp Jupiter is from the series HEROS OF OLYMPUS BOOK:2 SON OF NEPTUNE. You do not have to read it but you have to be famillier with PERCY JACKSON atleast. If you want to join send me a message or when im in game ask for directions
  2. Lmao I should make a Camp Half-Blood. I love the series and I own the book you are talking about. But I don't think people will join you, you need to give them more info on what it is all about, I know but that is just because I read the book. Just a suggestion :)
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  3. i would like to join please!!!! i love those books!
  4. Ok thanks for the sugestion but I can't give corodinates for every one to see. when im in game ask me to join then look for me on the LIVE WASTELANDS map. Camp half-blood is a good idea too, but as a sugestion, make it underground otherwise it could be visible on the live map.
  5. any way back to the thing we provide. If you make a succesful journy to the camp (sorry for grammer) then you prove yourself worthy of joining, anyway, you wuold need weps, ill be happy to supplie a simple sword. Food is something we all share in each cohorts. Tool's other than the sword we do not supplie, on free time make them yourself(Yes on free time. We are gona have meetings, etc.). you can rise through the ranks if a Centurion or Praeter approves. War games won't be avalible at camp. I don't want to waste time making a FEILD OF MARS. There will be school(sucks right but its combat were talking about!) and hunts. Thats all. But demi-god thing is OK. if your a son of neptune then you get a water bucket. Vulcan kids get flint n' tender ect. Hope to see you in school wdeesb!
  6. I want to join i have read all the books in Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus. So please pick me
  7. Pick You? hahaha! we always let peeps in unless they have a criminal record on Empire minecraft. but you have to make the trip. If you fail you can try again and again
  8. I would like to get The Red Wolves involved in this somehow.... I've read all the percy jackson series and i'm reading the first new book of the new series...i'm not a slow reader(i'm in advanced reading and I have a 97 in there.)my mom just bought me the book finally:0
  9. what is your IGN, i can't seem to find you on the wastelands live map... i need some help
  10. Whats IGN???
  11. IGN=In Game Name
  12. Yes it is FadedDude101, I may not be in with the slots and etc
  13. It happens.