Camp Forlorn Hope

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    Well so ever since I showed my friend, USMCWolfAlpha, EMC, we have had a blast! So we decided to build an underground village. So far we have a couple of buildings built into the ravines we are building in. We plan on expanding it even more, but for right now we decided to showcase what we have so far. We call it Camp Forlorn Hope (Which according to my friend is a Fallout reference, but I have never played Fallout so it's nowhere close to whatever the actual one looks like.)

    Cobblestonephobics look away now!

    2014-05-24_20.38.23.png 2014-05-24_20.38.34.png 2014-05-24_20.38.40.png 2014-05-24_20.38.49.png 2014-05-24_20.38.53.png 2014-05-24_20.39.00.png 2014-05-24_20.39.05.png 2014-05-24_20.39.13.png 2014-05-24_20.39.27.png 2014-05-24_20.39.35.png 2014-05-24_20.39.40.png 2014-05-24_20.39.49.png 2014-05-24_20.40.00.png 2014-05-24_20.40.10.png 2014-05-24_20.40.20.png

    Now I'm not quite sure if I can invite people to the camp, as technically because it's only 3000 blocks from an EMC outpost, I can't make it an official established outpost. If a mod can confirm if I can or cannot invite people to an "unofficial" outpost, that would be great!
    Never mind! Will maybe post some sort of application to whoever might be interested in taking up residence when we have more residences available. REMEMBER: This is not an official established outpost still.
  2. You can, but if briefed, it's not as "serious" because it is not "claimed" land.
    So it's a risk,kind of.
  3. It looks quite cool. How long did it take to make?
    Claimed land is a stepping stone to Dragon Tombs. You do not get any protection from a claimed piece of land (I do not think). It shouldn't matter if it is claimed or not; greifing is illegal.
  4. came here cause it had something to do with fallout
  5. Yeah my friend came up with the idea. He did say it was something from Fallout New Vegas.
  6. yupp , it's a camp where everything is going wrong and everyone is pretty much dieing..
    so maby wrong choice of name XD
  7. Well my friend certainly left that out when he chose the name!
  8. hahaha, well in the game you can help the camp so the situation becomes better. depends which faction you play for.
  9. awesome texture pack :D