Cami's Impromptu Birthday Party

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  1. Welcome to HxCami10's impromptu birthday party!

    impromptu as in I decided to do this a week before my birthday

    So pretty much what I am going to do is have a huge drop party on SMP8 and there will be a little special something for everyone who joins the party!

    For all those who want to leave stuff for the drop party, I have an access chest with hoppers for y'all to come donate stuff to.
    And for those of you who want to leave gifts (I don't want you too, but I know you all will insist) , there is a chest right next to the donation one one SMP8 at /17686

    As for the drop party...
    It is on April 29th @1PM and 8PM EMC Time!

    LOACTION: SMP8, Plot to be announced in game :D
    Hope to see you all there :D

    Sachrock- 2 avalaunchers and a 2015 Empire Firework
    Roughneckmafia- 1 Iron support voucher, 2015 bday cake, ICC Skin, ICC flesh, stack of cupid arrows,
    redneckpeck- 1 vault voucher and 1 stable voucher
    MrCDub- 16 Cooked Turkey, 1 Taste The Freedom, 1 Enraged Guardian, 1 Marlix Bow, 1 Momentus's Toothpick, 6 notch apples, 1 Feast For A King
    xSkitzie- Mineral Mincer, Momentus's Toothpick
    adrian1992- Momentus's Toothpick. Momentus's Helmet
    Paul1953- 10 notch apples, Marlix Leggings
    GameBoy999- 2 Projectile Prot IV enchant book, 2 Looting III, 2 Eff I enchant book, 1 Respiration III enchant book, 1 Sharpness I enchant book, 1 Thorns III enchant book, 1 Protection 1 enchant book, 28 Diamonds, 8 emeralds, 52 Quartz ore, 8 stacks of stone, 15 stacks of cobblestone, 1 eye of ender
    iamcavie- 32 notch apples
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  2. Happy Birthday! :)

    Sounds great!
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  3. Have a great day when it arrives :)
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  4. happy birthday cant wait to be there
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  5. Happy Birthday hope i can make it ill love to go! cant wait! :)
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  6. Happy birthday!! Ill try to make it...

    EDIT: Ill be at sports :( ill try afk?
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  7. Just as a side note I am thinking of hosting one that isn't early in the morning for all the wonderful European folks! I will update the thread with that time :)
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  8. Thank you guys! I hope to see you all there, or at atleast one of them :)
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  9. Happy Birthday!!!
    Idk if I can make it but I'll try. :)
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  10. Happy Birthday Cami have an awesome day!
    That would be awesome, depending on the time change i should come!

    Edit: And yes we are wonderfull especially the Brits with our Tea and Crumpets
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  11. Happy birthday scrub :p
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  12. Happy birthday!!! I can come if the time isn't changed. We will see :)
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    That would be a great idea bc right now it would be too late for me to attend and i want to go :p
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  14. Especially the Swedes, we created Minecraft, your welcome earth!;)
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  15. I will do the first one at 12PM EMC time, so 5pm UTC :D
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  16. and i will be asleep:cool:
    But happy birthday and im going to annoy you on ya birthday so good luck
    i will come if im okay .-
    Yes im sleeping at that time
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  17. Wouldn't 12pm EMC time be 4pm UTC time?
  18. Forgot daylight savings time :p so yes it will be 1pm EMC time :p
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