Camera Hogs XD

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by OneWildWolf, May 8, 2012.

  1. Hey EmpireMinecraft Players! I just hosted a great party at my res in smp4, 8936. I went to take a pic of this awesome party, and SuperDrew500 started to hog the camera. Soon after, everyone started hogging the camera and pushing eachother. Unfortuneately, not all the party members could be a part of this picture... They are somewhere behind me XD.

    Special Thanks To: Pratbd, SuperDrew500, Hegik, and frogarana.

    Also Big Thanks for taking one for the team to those who were pushed =). Sorry I can't exactly name all because i cant see you :p

    Party On, EMC!

    -Werewolf086 - smp4 - 8936 & 8937 - Gold Supporter

  2. oo i forgot to put a vote poll saying what you thought about the pic =(
  3. Hmm..... This was an awkward article....
  4. so just reply as a comment what you think
  5. Why was I not invited?
  6. please keep negative comments to yourself
  7. lol sorry, best player on EMC! <3.............. forgive me now? lol
  8. i said in comment i forgot one
  9. I wasn't asking for forgiveness xD Just wanted to know why XD <3
  10. You should make a new poll and erase this one... but in te other, keep the pic because the pic is cool... just add a poll ;)