Calling Warrior Cats Fans!

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  1. The fidelity of the cat

    Come on in and join Fidelitas Felis, you're bound to have a good time! There are plenty of positions open in all of the clans at this time, and we are in dire need of more members. Fidelitas Felis is a Warrior Cats roleplay site where you have the opportunity to create your very own Warriors OC, or a few of them if you feel like it! You can roleplay with various original characters, and see how the plot thickens as events pass by... Or you may simply want to have a fun and easy time making your cat interact with others.

    Fidelitas Felis is a budding warrior cats roleplay site set in an AU where the cat once known as Rusty never joins the clans, and the events that follow his arrival never take place.

    Looking to start roleplaying, or further your writing skills? Read the Warrior Cats book series by Erin Hunter?

    Fidelitas Felis is a Warrior Cats roleplaying forum, that has recently become highly inactive. We are always searching for new members. With no word, post or character limit, FF is perfect for all roleplayers new and old.
    The application process is easy to complete, with help along the way and optional areas to make characters as simple or complex as you want!

    High positions are open, with Thunderclan, Riverclan and Shadowclan needing deputys. And Riverclan also needing a leader.

    My cat is Halfstar, leader of Thunderclan. My username is "Snow"
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  2. I haven't read any of the Warrior books since at least 6th grade.
    I actually completely forgot about them.
  3. I only read

    Contact Cakecrafter22 or Djcake_z tho she loveees them
  4. I read the entire series 2 years ago so I don't remember much =P
  5. The roleplay isn't related to the plot of the books, it only takes the main idea of clans and ranks, along with warrior talk and such
    Only a simple few things are needed to know what's going on, and they can be learned quickly c:
  6. I'm too old for this sort of thing now... 154 moons old...
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  7. 154 moons? You should be retiring to the elder's den my friend
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  8. Oh my god I saw this thread title and the page couldn't load fast enough :p
    This site was MADE for me.
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  9. If you need help making a cat, I will happily help you!