Calling on grinder builders...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Leowaste, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. So i am gouing to start on a new multi layerd grinder. Eaxh floor 5 blocks high. My question is, how many floors up can i go and still have mobs spawn? As in, if i make 6 floors, will the 5th and 6th floors not work? At what point should i make a rail that goes up the side?
  2. The numbers I heard once are 24 and 140. As in minimum and maximum distance from player that allows mobs to spawn. Haven't checked them, though...
  3. Make sure when you make your grinder/xp farm that all other dark areas within 100-140 blocks ARE LIGHT UP! This is very important to a stressful mob spawner
  4. well actually all mobs can spawn in that 144 "circle" radius, but really they can spawn outside that too. its just that there is a cap to that 144 circle radius. im not sure what it is but its fairly high. you might actually just want to go deep into the ocean somewhere and build multiple ones, all barely in that radius, and have streams connect them. taht should work but im no expert. ask aikar, he is a god at that in my eyes. you should see his grinder in his city.
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