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  1. SO! If you may have been following up on my recent statuses, I took a week long hiatus from youtube because of Concerts, funerals, and me being sick! Now that I am gonna be back into the swing of things, I was hoping that on Monday (7/11/16)(OMG SLURPEE DAY! :O) I will make a TRIUMPHANT return to the youtubing community by doing a collab, with a larger or smaller channel. Here are my qualifications:

    • We can play Minecraft, Minecraft Maps, or any of the games I have on steam that can be played through a friends list.
    • The game chosen or map chosen must be all-age appropriate.
    • You must have channel with at least 1 video and 1 subscriber.
    • Please, a person that does not swear, I know I do it some times, but I at least swear on the games that are between T and M :p
    One more thing is that you must be willing, I will be recording, and you will too for your channel, and keep it fun! A reasonable time will be early morning, like 10 AM to 1 PM Eastern Standard Time.

    If you would like to collaborate on something, please contact me in-game, on steam, PM me, or just comment on this thread!


    Please ignore the third polling response, my alt put it there. He is a rude person ain't he? What a shame.