Calling all Redstone Experts

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  1. I am in need of a piston elevator any types or makes would be good. My lot is 6187 on smp3 if you think your idea would work please message me. I have tried for three hours on a few ideas but to no avail. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S i would like it to be somewhat smallish to fit int he space below in the picture. and i can supply the pistons it must go up at least 3 stories, and if there could be some way that i could choose which floor it could stop on each time would be great (don't know if that is possible). I will pay up to 500 depending on size and amount of labor poured into it. 2012-07-26_21.34.57.png
  2. in VERY good with redstone as u know cause youve been to my casino sevral times and youve seen my cake with cadles able to blow out
  3. well come up with an idea and ill let you have it
  4. want a casino game or a cake with ulightable torches, or doors, or elevatore, or escalators, or... what?
  5. a elevator will be hard dont use a normal one these dont work in bukkit search Bukkit working elevators