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  1. So today im strolling along trying to find a desert when i got through i found these 2012-04-05_21.29.51.png 2012-04-05_21.32.05.png 2012-04-03_09.24.04.png
  2. From what I've heard, this happend on SMP1, there was a thread about it but I don't know if it's still open or not and not sure if they fixed the problem there.
  3. I have seen these i dont know how people have greifed these :s and please dont use all caps in the title in future
  4. No need for caps or freakout, take this chill pill. * Gives half eaten gummy bear*
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  5. Endermen?
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  6. I have a feeling JustinGuy or a staff member is going to lock this thread and I am 200% sure JustinGuy is aware of this problem and that he is working on it asap, so please don't explode on the subject that could be very minor :)
  7. sry didnt mean the caps if you can edit the subject i would have after i noticed it :/
  8. OMG! It's a fake! It's to big to be a real one. Read the other thread for this.
  9. The last one is something else, something similar is on smp8 wild.