[CALLING ALL] fans of dubstep

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  1. This blog in the shortest terms is a thread for posting your favorite dubstep songs. Feel free to read what others have posted. The point of this threat is for everyone to find good songs/share the songs they know of that are good.

    Additional info:

    About Dubstep/looking for new songs: There are MANY different types of dubstep (e.g. house, hard core, hard, melodic, electro, techno, brutal, dark, soft, etc.). A tip I suggest is insert a feeling you want the dubstep to sound like and youll probably get what your looking for, if you don't, try a different word.

    What dubstep isn't: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QodrSfsboFk

    Some of my favorites (with my more favored favorites toward the top):
    Devin Martin - Killbot
    London Nebel - Nasty Anthem
    Nero - Doomsday
    Triage - Radium
    Skrillex - Kill Everybody
    Skrillex - My name is Skrillex
    The Ground Above - Feeling Great
    Skrillex - Cinema
    The Ground Above - Can't Take it
    Daniel Fox and Puma Scorz - beat time
    Bratkilla-forbidden notes
    The Ground Above - Compliments
    Ratatat- Lex
    Excision and Datstik - 8 bit superhero
    Excision and Datstik - Deviance
    bar9 - shaolin
    Baodinga - State of Ghetto Jackin
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  2. You don't like Cinema by Skrillex?

    If you want good dubstep (i really hate it but found a good artist) look up "sickesttt" on youtube. He's talented :3
  3. Who doesn't like Skrillex?
  4. I laughed so hard for so long at that video. That is all.
  5. "Calling all fans"
    Might be something I like.

    *Of Dupstep*

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  6. Oh, sorry. I was thinking off the top of my head. Cinema didn't cross my mind. Editing post*
  7. EDIT: didnt see link up there :3
  8. I like dub step as long as its dub step.
  9. Kill the Noise. That is all
  10. I just found this Canadian dubstep guy who goes by F-777 HE IS FREAKIN' AMAZING! I am listening to all his music atm. It's great! also anything by Skrillex and Deadmau5 is good stuff. I like progressive house techno sounds awesome..
  11. I'm not into dupstep too much, it's okay, but it isn't on my "Listening Music".
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  12. I have a couple favourites.
    Skrillex, Nero - Promises
    Skrillex - Bangarang
    Skrillex - Scary Monsters Nice Sprites
    Skrillex - Devil's Den
    Divergent Spectrum, Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
    Skrillex - Right on Time
    UKF Dubstep - Still Getting It
    Skrillex - Ruffneck
    Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)
    Skrillex - Reptile's Theme
    Skrillex - Weekends
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  13. Deadmau5 is techno music.... =P
  14. Music is like ice cream. I like mine and you like yours.
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  15. Candy is like music, better without the wrapper. :p
  16. I don't really like ice cream ethier. It's too cold.
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  17. Well, if its hot, it would be a milkshake but warm!
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  18. I used to like skrillex... Then he became mainstream.

    Now I don't.
  19. Less analogies, more dubstep!
  20. *raises hand*