calling all fallout new vegas players!

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  1. ok so if you play fallout new vegas (like me) you should get the vault craft texture pack once done i will make my second res an EXACT replica of goodsprings in fallout new vegas. if i can i will add on and make new vegas, hoover dam, and the desert. again get the vault craft texture pack to see the res look like fallout new vegas here is link: i have not started yet i am waiting for shaunwhite to unclaim a resadence for me once i have the res i will start i will also have a store inside of some homes like in the game well hope you enjoy it when finished if you can please donate sand it is very much needed. server: res will be posted once i have it
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  2. :D I recently got back into new vegas after getting the ultimate edition for the pc. I feel like good springs would be too spread out for a res, but good luck. Love to see how it turns out.
  3. thanks do you use vaultcraft? although if i get the chance i will get an alt account and make my alt res new vegas... ill need alot of sand im setting up a donation thingy on my res
  4. I really love this game!!
    I'm currently building my own vault on my res!
    What are some mods you use?
  5. I like fallout, that should be obvious.
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  6. Can't wait till Fallout 4, heard its going located somewhere in west coast
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  7. Aw... I wanted something in the midwest / northwest.
    Or Florida.
  8. I heard it was going to be San Fransico.
  9. After doing a Quick google search:
    artcle about month ago

    So looks Boston will be the major city in it. hmmm so im guessing Enclave will make a come back maybe a last ditch effort regain power. Don't know lol got to wait :oops:
  10. Maybe not Enclave. BoS isn't lawful good, and it's also possible that some other group of peoples exists. Seeing as after Raven Rock, the enclave is pretty much out, only the remnants could pose any realistic threat... or the ones that are in Chicago.

    I feel like fallout has done enough city / desert, since so many of the games are in California. I'd like to see something more water-based, or with more weather.
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  11. Got to bush up on my fallout history lol
    Yea same here, Maybe based somewhere on or near the Great Lakes or Florida like you said. Hmmm How about Richmond, VA near the coast and could do something like South rises again lol but anyways a water-based FO would be fun
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  12. ok well i currently forgot (i forget alot XD) and i build a small lake on my res i will probably just reset it but i will need some workers to lelp dig out some sand i placed and i need some people to help with placing sand on the res i mean its 60x60 its kina alot of sand to place.... :\
  13. i hope fallout 4 is in south california (where i live) :D
  14. Fallout 1, 2, and NV were in South California... I think they've done that enough by now.
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  15. i think i would like it not that much of a wastland as fallout 3 and only a bit more advanced than new vegas i would like it to be rebuild of california and i also would like to see CARS the main thing im hoping for *crosses fingers* :D
  16. but im talkin closer to the shore :\
  17. ill check up on this about 3:00 or 4:00 PST only for a few min. gotta go to school now. when i get back i will go surfing but ill check up during 2nd period at computers of when i get home i will briefly check
  18. basically i would agree on your water baced thing i would like more water if your playing on hardcore mode then you have an H2O bar
  19. Hmm If it was in Florida maybe the fountain of Youth could been worked in the story line lol
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  20. I made a TERRIBLE weapon mod, but if your interested check it out, and give me constructed critisism is appriciated, also its the first soooo.... yea.... I lost my train of thought.