Calling All Dragon Original Egg Owners!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by finch_rocks_1, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Hey EMC,

    I am just wondering on who all, has Original Eggs. I only know of 4 eggs owned by:

    -Krysyyjane9191 (2)
    -AlexChance (1)
    -Faithcatser (1)

    Could anyone let the community who else has any Eggs?

  2. jackomighty and ignoramoose (ignora's is actually shared with krysyy? krysyy and ignora I thought had one each)
  3. for technicality sake:
    smp1 dragon egg: 50% moose, 50% mine
    smp4 dragon egg: my valentine's day present so 100% me

    I own 3/4 of 2 eggs =)
  4. Ah, so now we know who is the dominant of the two :rolleyes: Thanks for the information ;)