Calling All Companies!

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You Got A Company?

Yeah 4 vote(s) 36.4%
Starting One 2 vote(s) 18.2%
Might Start One 3 vote(s) 27.3%
Nope 2 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Hi!

    Im Wanting To See The EMC Companies And Take A Look At Some Amazing Ones! Please Reply To This Thread Layout To Use:

    Company Name:
    What The Company Does:
    Some Info On It, Like Prices:
    More Info (Optional):

    Thanks!! :D
  2. Company name: PIggehs FTW!
    Owner: xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    Worker: xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    What the company does: Make pigs.
    Info/prices: It makes pigs, =P. Price per piggeh: 500k
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  3. Pigs?
  4. Techincally I have one, but It's failing miserably!:p Now I just need another res
  5. First order of business is to make many nightclubs, all leading up to "Getaway to Mars!" which is scheduled to be done in 20Idunno
  6. Company Name: The moving light
    Owner: DangerousPopcorn
    What The Company Does:pretty much everything.
    Some Info On It, Like Prices: Havent started anything yet so sup.
    More Info (Optional):
  7. Oh no - that's the exact same date that I plan to finish my res!