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Will You?

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  1. Hi,

    On my res 9140 I have been moving stuff around and now I want a clock tower, BUT I want someone too build it AND supply for it, this isnt a full res thing only a section if you will do it please post a price and if someone is cheaper than you then be cheaper! EDIT:'s allowed!!

    Deadline: 24 Hours From Now (or whenever :D)

    HUGE EDIT!: I was going to have just a clock tower now its a clock tower hotel!

    BIGGER EDIT!!: Im looking for builders if they do 1,250 supplying or cheaper! and that please donate or buy a room, there are function rooms. If you will donate please do money for now im setting chests up!!
  2. so no one?
  3. ill do it for 50k
  4. 50k bit expensive its not going to be massive as hell!
  5. Not that I'm offering to do it. But a clocktower can range significantly in value and price. You should probably list some dimensions, material types, etc that you are looking for. The chances of getting someone to build you one without giving some designs is going to be pretty low, or they are going to charge high end prices.
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  6. thanks :D
  7. Agreed. Unless creative direction is completely in our hands, in which case I would like at least 5-10k to help with building materials.
  8. i just wanting looking good, not over complicated etc and its up to who ever how its built
  9. sorry already got someone doing it for 1250r! :D
  10. I'll pay you 1250 to do it!
  11. I could do it for you nfell, I just need 1k to pay off the debts for suppling. I did your bookstore.
  12. sig's pic is broken ;)
  13. Oh, didnt notice that, thank for the notice
  14. yeah k come to 9140 btw i did pay for before
  15. Yes, but I can't be on until EMC updates, since I updated. It was so tempting!!!
  17. downgrade
  18. what are you on about? seriously you just say random prices!
  19. I'm being the cheapest person, by paying you.