(call of duty) zombie survival maps

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  1. for more entertanment we could use zombie survival maps with only zombies and each wave there come more and more zombie. they could maybe dowload gun plugins and then we can buy weapons and survive. at 100 likes i we start talking with the admin.
  2. How about NO ?
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  3. Wait We need the bear!
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  4. I think ill stop with the bear pictures i dont wanna spam the same picture. :p
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  5. 1 Word Vanilla
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  6. I think it is with many redstone, so it is vanilla, like dispensers and spawners
  7. The gun plugin?
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  8. Swords and bows? :p
  9. He did say gun plugin...BUT if there was a arena with mobs n stuff i would always be there. :cool:
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  10. There has already bin a arenas server, but they took it down.
  11. i thought about guns you can buy and for each zombie you get ten points and a gun costs (20) points
  12. and you need to buy doors open at costs of (50) points
  13. like call of duty but then in EmpireMinecraft. and also perks would be awesome to buy
  14. This could work in its owns sever, but not in a sever we have now.
  15. If this is your sort of thing, download the mod and find a server that uses it.
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