Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I just want to know if anyone here plays MW3 on Xbox360, I can add you as a friend since I recently just bought the game on Xbox. Can you kindly leave your gamertag in the comments? Mine is Tevv811.

    We can also share some tips and tactics in this thread, also if you use a custom class (most of you do) do share :D I would also like to know what rank you're on. (I'm just on rank 7, just started an hour ago).

    For me I prefer assault rifles and machine pistols. I currently use, the SCAR-L and FMG9 as well as frags and concussion grenades. My current perks are Recon, Quickdraw and Stalker. I'm better at kill confirm than any match.

    I would like to play with the community :D
  2. its all about the X-BOX these days... *sigh* wish i had one. i cant even add anyone as my steam friend. doesnt show.
  3. :(
  4. I would add you, but Black Ops 2 is approaching I will solely play that game for at least 3 months. I suggest trading in MW3 and getting Black Ops 2. And it wasn't really a smart move to buy this game at this life-cycle, as many people already have weapons and things that you don't which make it frustrating for new players like you. To make it a fair slate, do as I suggest and also (or sell MW3) get Black Ops 2. :)
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  5. it works now.
  6. I have already played Black Ops and enjoyed the game and would make a mental note to buy the game.
    Plus I bought that game as I finished black ops and was getting COD-deprived :p
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