Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

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  1. I wanted to know your opinions and hopes for the game.

    I'll also be posting any new information on the game that is released by Infinity Ward in this thread.
  2. I'm excited about it. I've been a huge space fanatic since I was little. Space is just really interesting to me.

    But honestly, I'm looking more to COD4 remastered.
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  3. CoD 4 remastered all the way!!!
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  4. Well considering the Battlefield1 trailer... I'd say R.I.P Call of duty XD

    I do feel sorry for activision they would have started development around 2014 when most enjoyed the futuristic style. That then changed leaving them with a game with a style that most are tired of. Hyped for cod4 remastered though!
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  5. Mostly everyone (including me) are looking forward to COD 4 remastered. I don't have high hopes for IW (infinite warfare) but hopefully it's alright
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  6. I'm just gonna play for the CoD 4 remastered, but boy does that BF1 trailer look amazing
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  7. #RIPCoD
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  8. Battlefield 1 is well going to blow this out of the water. Never cared for the futuristic rubbish beyond Black Ops II - I had a mild interest in Ghosts, then it actually got released and I haven't really played a CoD game since lol. Going back to the World Wars is something I've wanted for so long - World War I was a cool war beyond all the death and destruction, and in both of the wars the battles were fought in varied landscapes, not just Normandy or infiltrating Berlin. There's good futuristic stuff out there too - I'm buying the new DOOM when it releases on Friday - but it's games that don't get released once every year and actually have a place on the market to go into the future. CoD is released every year and doesn't belong in the future.

    I've also played Black Ops 3, and it's very oddly fast paced. Like, sure, Call of Duty has always had fast-paced gameplay, but Black Ops 3 was about 200x the speed of its predecessors (never played Advanced Warfare so I don't know how that was) and to me, suffered from it. The mechanics didn't line up properly with it for me. Zombies was pretty good though. Probably would have enjoyed it more and had a mild interest in the next game if it wasn't for the odd speed of the game lol.
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