Call Of Duty Goats

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  1. Well... once I had a dream about call of duty goats then ended up researching... turned out to be a real thing...

    note: it's a family friendly - no strong language, no intense violence, no drug references and no blood...
  2. Finally a Call Of Duty i will buy! Probably the best game of the year!
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  3. Bumpy goat
  4. That was... brilliant.
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  5. So where can I buy this game?
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  6. Those quick scope horns at the end though :rolleyes:
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  7. Soon to be at your nearest game store!
  8. Coming out soon! bump..
  9. *goat sound* lets do this
  10. BEST... GAME.... EVER!!!! :p
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  11. 10 out of 10...
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  12. NOT TRUE! *Pointing hand madly*
  13. If Ghosts was terrible, I'd hate to see how bad Goats is.
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  14. naw, goat is the best - why do you think it won the game of the year award?
  15. 10/10 IGN
    Best game of the year
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  16. Never before have I seen such beauty :eek:
  17. 11/10 will buy Rocket Goat Launcher GLC (Goatloadable Content)
  18. Fixed. ;)
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