Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

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  1. The day we have waited for almost 3 years is here, the day Black Ops 3 is released!

    Honestly, I would pick Black Ops over Modern Warfare, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare any day, and I expect the third addition to the Black Ops franchise to be just as amazing as the last two.

    Hit me up on PSN if you want to party up and play, or leave your own Gamertag or PSN name below so others can find you as well.


    CorySavage (New account, made for BO3)

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  2. I am a fan of the Modern Warfare series, (I believe that was when they were at their height), and I think it was a slow road down from there.

    Not gonna mention any names...
    *cough* advanced warfare *cough*
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  3. I liked MW2 but MW3 felt like exactly the same game with new maps to me.
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  4. Getting it for sure ;)
  5. I mean, nothing can be as bad as Ghosts... so I'm going to give it a shot. ;)
  6. THE HYPE IS REAL! LET'S GO! I've seen a campaign walkthrough, it looks on par with the BO1 campaign, imo.

    I won't be getting the game at launch, I have midterms next week, so I'll probably get it after.
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  7. I dislike any Warfare games/War Games. I personally think that any brutal games are bad for you. That is just how I grew up, My father always says that warfare games/war games make your brain go dumb.
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  8. I respect your opinion but I don't understand it. If you can't separate a game from real life you shouldn't be playing it... Would you be comfortable with elaborating on your opinion as to why you are against it.
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  9. Eh, ive never really like COD that much, TF2 is my FPS of choice.
  10. Ghosts wasn't THAT bad. It really wasn't. But yes, it was pretty bad.
  11. Speaking from personal experience,

    I've played Call of Duty since World at War, and it hasn't really influenced my brain negatively at all. It has had positive effects though, such as improving my reaction time, Hand-Eye Coordination, Verbal Communication, and Problem Solving skills. I started at a very young age, and I don't recommend it for children under the age of 15 unless they know what actual war and combat is like, and can separate the real world from a video game.
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  12. I agree that is wasn't THAT bad, but it was probably the worst Call of Duty game ever made, I don't even think it deserves to have the "Call of Duty" label on it, it didn't even really feel like a CoD game to me.
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  13. I really enjoyed the campaign. InfinityWard did a really good job with that though. The multiplayer, on the other hand...
  14. Don't even get me started on the "sniping".

    The campaign was nice though, and if a Ghosts 2 did come out that'd be the only reason I would buy it.
  15. Well, I really haven't played Warfare Games before but because I always grew up that it was bad I just have one opinion to it. I personally would love to try it but I never have and that's how it is. I only am scared about some of those stories that they play to much get addicted etc. something happens that is my concern, but I don't really have anything to say just that I think it is wrong for a young person to already play such a brutal game.
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  16. I'm definitely a Call of Duty addict, but not to the point where I play 24/7, just when I want to get on and play or my clan needs me to Pub Stomp.

    Honestly, try Call of Duty, it's really fun.
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  17. Don't believe all the things you hear is all I have to say
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  18. Its a thought but, I know they dont rot your brain as much as digging dirt for hours...
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  19. Finally hit 1st yesterday, and almost ready to prestige again in about 14 levels.

    Favorite AR: ICR-1
    Favorite SMG: Kuda

    ICR Attachments:
    Stock, Suppressor, Extended Mag, Grip, and Rapid Fire

    The stock increases my movement speed while ADS, the suppressor keeps me hidden while taking down Multiple enemies, the extended magazine keeps me firing during long battles, the grip eliminates most of the recoil, and the rapid fire helps the slower fire rate on this AR.

    Try out this class set up and see how you like it, it is amazing for Medium-Long range combat.
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  20. Here I am at level 9..

    Last night I played Nuketown Gun-Game on BO3 for 14 hours. Did a sleep-over with some friends :D