Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

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  1. Will anyone be getting this game for xbox one and want to join a clan with me? Name is undecided atm but i will figure it out :D
  2. I got it for the Xbox One, but I haven't played it yet.. It has just been sitting in its wrapper collecting dust. :D I will play it soon, just been sooo busy with everything else!
  3. Dang, just picked this up for the ps4...
    Someday I shall have a 1.
  4. If you get a on
    If you get a one.. they are updating the processor here in about a year.. If you want to wait for the updated version, otherwise, I love mine to death. :)
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  5. the game makes an excellent drink coaster that's about all its good for tho
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  6. Ghosts completely destroyed my confidence in the series. I have a PS4 but doubt I'll waste the money to get it - the money is better spent here. :)
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  7. Yeah, I was worried about that after Ghosts, but I figure I'd give this one a try.. maybe they got it right this time!
  8. All the 12 year olds buying this with their advanced well fare....
  9. yo you got a 1?
    hmu my gamertag is haviox (duhh) lol we can start a clan or something
  10. i dont see why people feel the need to hate on games that otehr people enjoy if you dont ave somehing nice to say dont say it at all ;)
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  11. Hehe, I did not like ghosts either. Played it a few days, was about it.
    This one seemingly so far has much more potential. Only played online a little, singleplayer missions are fun.
  12. What console, Highlancer? :O
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  13. Msg me, I got for Ps4. Not looking for a clan as I am going to join my irl friend's, but I'll play with you.

    Just to clear any concerns, Advanced Warfare is 100x better than Ghosts. I played 15 minutes of Ghosts, then sold it on Ebay. I got advanced warfare monday, looking like a new start. I am pleased. It's a lot of fun. The campaign story is okay, not great compared to blackops 1, but it's still good. The multiplayer is fantastic, and I started playing Cod with the release of world at war. It's a lot more fast paced though. It'll take a day or two to get used to it. You can't just pick it up.

    To brag, I got a ruthless today on my favorite map, detroit. :D
  14. Still just going to assume its not Quake 'fast-paced' :rolleyes:

    I started playing CoD with Black Ops 2. I was late, I know, but I've since played the 'older' games like WaW, Modern Warfare etc. I loved most of them. And then BO2 got boring and my brother got Ghosts last Christmas, which was an absolutely huge disappointment for me, not that my bar was raised very high in the first place. I put about 3 hours into Ghosts and didn't even play more than 15 minutes of the campaign in the 8 months my brother owned it.

    And now with the Titanfall-y rip off that they seem to have made with Advanced Warfare (who thought that was a good title? >.>), my bar is raised super low.

    Also, people are telling me the graphics are amazing. Can I have some confirmation on this from someone who owns the game? From what I've seen the graphics look super low-res (I'm talking lower than PayDay: The Heist's) and the explosions are pretty 'eh' :p
  15. Heh, we don't all like the same games. At least we all have EMC in common, right?:rolleyes:
    The only thing I would ask of people, is if they got comments, that they should be based on their own experience, not online reviews/youtubers, or past experience. Either you tried the game, or you haven't.
    How does the saying go... Don't knock it until you have tried it.

    Believe I got ghosts for the xbox360. Played it online for a couple of days, few rounds each time... and was done with it. Singleplayer was a tad better than multiplayer.

    Just because a game in a series was bad (in my opinion) does not mean that they all will be bad.
    I loved halo 3, loved halo reach, hated halo 4.
    Didn't like black ops1, but loved black ops2. MW2 was pretty good, but didn't like the rest.

    And if you love a game that I was disappointed in, its cool with me ;).
    If a game is good, then its good. I don't really care about the entire fanboy mantra of battlefield vs COD; sony vs microsoft. If its fun, I play it!

    Sweet, ya I am not into clans either, but love to play with people I know. My psn name is highlancer54... original eh? If you wish to add me, just hit me up with a request, let me know you are from EMC with your username, as often I get a load of people trying to add me to whom I got no idea who they are.

    Ya agreed, so far Advanced Warefare reminds me of the fun I had starting out with black ops2. Hopefully it does not disappoint, but so far, its fun!

  16. I was skeptical buying it at first, but thought I should give it a chance. I loved BO2 multiplayer, and personally I think this multiplayer is better.
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  17. Ordered this only a few hours ago, so I'll have some fun tomorrow. :)
    Whilst I never put much time into them, I'm a good fan of the series and always end up getting the next one. One of my crimes for Ghosts was not putting enough time into the multiplayer, as that's what keeps me interested.
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  18. I just want a clan to win the in game items
  19. That's not a got away lucky. Ghosts Multiplayer was shockingly bad, alright for a couple of weeks but then got very repetitive and boring.
  20. i strongly agree i felt in ghosts you died way to fast and the maps where set for campers. i mean i even went 30-0 camping lol