CakeCo Enchant Pack #C

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by roblikescake, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Picks:
    2 x Unbreaking III

    1 x Fortune III
    1 x Fortune II Unbreaking III
    1 x Unbreaking III Efficiency V
    1 x Fortune III Efficiency V
    1 x Fortune III Unbreaking III Efficiency IV

    (7 total)

    Diamond, Unused

    Min Bid Increment:
    200 rupees. Your bid will not count unless it is 200r or more than the previous bid.

    Starting Bid:
    1000 rupees

    Auction Time:
    Auction will end 6 hours after the last bidder.
  2. 1000r
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  3. Bob. No --_
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  4. Bob yes, 8k
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  5. Have fun for the next 5.9 hours.
    I will return :p
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  6. Are you sure? Do you know who you are dealing with?
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  7. Yes, I'm dealing with the host of VeggiTales.
    You, my most controversial fruit, are dealing with the president.
    For your insubordinate comment I raise to...
  8. It's like, each auction I host has it's own story. <3
  9. I find pure bidding boring and mundane, but when i have to option to add a little flair to my bids... well I get carried away at times :)
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  10. I'm going to start making it a requirement to bid through stories.. Like, you have to incorporate your bid into a story based on the previous bidder's story.
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  11. Lmfao :D
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  12. cmrichter is in the lead with 10k.

    Nearly 3.5 hours left unless another person bids.
  13. BobTheTomato9798 has won the auction with a bid of 10,400 rupees.

    Access chest has been placed at /v 1055 on SMP1. Please make payment to roblikescake of 10,400 rupees and pick up your items.
  14. dang it I hate finding bidding threads and then the last comment it says it's over when I wanna bid :l
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  15. Ok Rob what if we took the 10.4k off the total of the diamond blocks? Then you would pay me 10.4k less than what it is worth? I will pay though if you don't want to do that
  16. No thank you, I would like the rupees.
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