CakeCo Enchant Pack #A

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by roblikescake, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. I forgot which enchant pack I was on, so let's start with letters!

    2 x Efficiency II
    1 x Efficiency III
    1 x Efficiency IV
    1 x Efficiency V
    3 x Efficiency III Unbreaking III
    1 x Silk Touch I

    Diamond, Unused

    Min Bid Increment:
    200 rupees. Your bid will not count unless it is 200r or more than the previous bid.

    Starting Bid:
    1000 rupees

    Auction Time:
    Auction will end 6 hours after the last bidder.
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  2. 15.5k

    (and you just broke your own rule) XD
  3. Please don't post unless your bidding.

    I have my own set of rules. And you just bumped your own bid. :p

    Don't post unless you meet one of the following circumstances:
    1. You are the auctioneer
    2. You are bidding
    3. You are discussing pickup/delivery of items and payment
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  4. To not fall Foul of the rules :) 15.7K
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  5. Happyshopper is winning with 15.7k and only 2 hours left unless someone else bids.
  6. Lol, you are going all "HEY DON'T TOUCH THIS *RAAGE*" without considering that posts like this bump your thread and might help you to get better bids
  7. But it is also rude and annoying.
  8. Happyshopper will win in 39 minutes unless another bid is placed.
  9. Happyshopper has won with a bid of 15.7k. Make a payment to me when your unbanned in 19 hours and the picks will be delivered.
  10. Darn! I needed that. 2 minutes late :(
  11. 13 minutes late. :p
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  12. Oh :p
  13. 4 Hours Make an access chest please
  14. Enchant Pack paid for and received.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.