Cake - not a part of the town protection system?

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  1. I noticed a few days ago that cake is eatable on everyones residences - nomatter what flags you posses.

    Figured someone might want to know.
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  2. I think this is because it's an item, not a block. Much like boats and minecarts (they can go in protected spawn and can be stolen from peoples residences). I don't think you can place cake in spawn though
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  3. Don't let Rob know >.>
  4. Look at his pyramid. I think he already does...
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  5. Aww, is it that bad? I know at one point he had one partially eaten cake. :(
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  6. It's not terrible. Just really really obvious.
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  7. NO the cake is vulnerable! We must protect the cake!
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  8. Rob is not gonna like this one bit..
  9. I'm sorry for this but I can't resist:

  10. :rolleyes:
  11. And
    The pie is a spy
    The pie is a spy
    The pie is a spy
    The pie is a spy

    Sadly no pretty cliparts :(
  12. Thats the first thing i thougt of too.
  13. :D
  14. my cake is broken
  15. I guess this is the reason that i found cake on my second res, free food.
  16. The EMCake Party will be discussing this urgent and important issue in the very near future.
    Don't worry - we WILL keep your cake safe.
  17. (gets fork, knife and mouth prepared for nom noms)