Cake And Sign Flag

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Do you like these two ideas?

I like both of these ideas! 4 vote(s) 40.0%
I think the cake flag would be useful. 2 vote(s) 20.0%
I think the sign flag would be useful 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I don't think either of these would be useful. 4 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. Want to have a party? Maybe to Celebrate 100 days on the server, maybe a birthday? if you do, you will want cake. Cakes make a party.
    But wait! when people arrive to celebrate they will not get their hunger satisfied. You would need to give them the build flag just to eat some simple cake! a cake flag would solve this problem. Build flag would also allow you to eat cake along with the cake flag itself, of course.

    Want to start a mall? Well then you need to either trust your shop owners with the build flag, or have to change the signs constantly for them. With a sign flag shop owners could change prices whenever they want, and you could rest easy!
  2. Hunger can't be lost in town easily, and if your shop owners then you can probably trust with build.
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  3. There must be some way that emc could sidestep the hunger for eating in general. make restaurants a lot better.
  4. It would also make town a lot worse.
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  5. Trapper777, great ideas! Don't you know the itch when you see a really beautiful res and you want to congratulat the builder, but no one is there. I always wanted to plant a sign saying 'Amazing job, greetz Kaizimir'. Actually before I knew how it works, I put up a wall on my res for others to put signs there - only to find nobody can without build flag :(
  6. I really don't think either of these would be useful. You can't eat in town because your hunger doesn't go down (as it shouldn't) so there is no need to eat cake. As for the sign flag, if you are having someone own a shop on your res for you, you should be able to trust them with build. If not, then don't have them run your shop. :)
  7. How about hunger flag? This would be useful on cake/food events!
    Note-after leaving a res with hunger flag, hunger will regen.
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  8. perfect idea! of course, you couldn't starve to death.
    as in you can eat when full.
  9. I've suggested the cake flag before, due to people running around mindlessly just to eat the cakes. The staff members don't think it's necessary to add a flag for that.

    As for the sign flag, you can just give people the build flag, and then take it back when they're done, or they try to pull something stupid. Sign flags (And some flags that already exist) don't seem like something that's needed.
    A hunger flag wouldn't prevent hunger from draining, it would work like the safe zones that refill hunger. Your hunger would still drain slightly and refill instantly.
    And, in my opinion, hunger draining in town could get very irritating.
  10. I sort of like it but it don't see use. a better idea is to allow people to eat cake only if they have build if someone is eating cake at your res
    EDIT: I know you would not like this
  11. we really DONT need anymore flags, have you seen how many we have atm? -.-
  12. 4 cattagories, about 10 per cattagorie.