Caius's Horse Shack (SMP8)

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  1. Many of you have probably heard me going on about my horse based shop on SMP8 or seen me trying to sell off some horses. Well, you see, these ain't yer e'ryday horses. These here are top grade racing horses. The stats of their speed are all above 105%, yea, that's some good horse there! Now good sir or ma'am, what might the cost be on such wonderous horses? 1k? 2? No sir or ma'am, only 300r for 105%-110%, 350r for 111%-115%, 400r for 116%-120%, and 450r for 121% and above. Yessir, these are quite some good horses and and a great price. Hop on by my res (16689) on SMP8 to check out the horses there.
  2. I didn't know SMP8 existed.
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  3. My main server, I wouldn't exist if smp8 didn't