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  1. Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 18.50.03.png

    I was so close to a full house... :D
  2. I saw it at this exact moment and thought, man I have to take a screenshot.
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  3. That was genius. One billion likes times infinity.
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  4. I think I "borrowed" the idea from when someone did it to me...
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  5. Even more likes for knowing a good joke when you're the victim of it!
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  6. Yeah I ssaw that to so I went on followed posts and bumped them up to hide it and can people get temp ban for spamming the forum with polls?
  7. Watch out, Mrlegit -- I think you have some competition :D
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  8. LOL
  9. Is it just me or did you like almost every post on this thread?
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  10. Nice attempt at bingo friend.
  11. u see my forum mi amigo boo yahhh
  12. wat is a full house on the site?
  13. more like bingo
  14. she posted allot so they were on front forum posts xD
  15. I have to say I am kinda annoyed by the amount of threads. But yeah thats just me
  16. I'm annoyed by quite a lot of things here, but I don't complain because it just seems counterproductive for some reason. Also, I find the place much more positive than negative anyway, so... live and let live, you know?
  17. i dont think theres enough threads :D